End health bureaucracy ‘emergency powers’

In an alarming grab for more power, the controlling health bureaucracy in league with the State Government are seeking to extend their emergency powers.

Before we get to that…. the other day a picture came through of a car upside down at a fuel station, with the caption; this car fainted when it saw the cost of petrol. This we could relate to, as passing the fuel station ourselves today we nearly drove into a ditch upon seeing the price of petrol, as it was a stray dog leapt for safety as we swerved wildly.

We are all in some way impacted by the rising cost of living, need it be said that the pesky inflation genie has well and truly gotten loose. Bankrupt Western governments have been increasing internal money flows in a desperate attempt to keep their economies liquid, and this they’ve been doing by printing money to buy their own bonds.

If you think this sounds madness, you’re absolutely correct, it is. Weimar and Argentina of old demonstrate that rampant inflation is the inevitable consequence, and yet, Western governments seemed to be getting away with it, seemed to be that is, until the great covid hysteria arrived.

Meanwhile many other serious issues face Australia, whether it’s that our children continue to tumble down international education rankings as gender identity and racial theory are taught with more priority and vigour than reading writing and arithmetic, or the appalling high rates of disadvantage, poverty, and domestic violence in society, or the current conflict in Ukraine which could ignite another global war, or the hot breath of the Chinese dragon at our neck, these are just a few of many important matters we need to be concentrating on.

Are our politicians valiantly addressing these issues? No, they’re obsessed instead with the extra powers they gained during the great covid hysteria, and now don’t want to let them go!

Here in the Sunshine State the intransigent Comrade Anastacia, Premier of Queensland, and her political cronies are not pleased that the covid pandemic is finished, and so in a ominous power grab they are seeking to amend public health legislation to enable them to extend a ‘state of emergency’, so as to keep their unjustifiable draconian mandates and restrictions, and thus prolong their grasp on control.

Astonishingly all State Premiers have drunk deep at the well of Corona Kool Aid, all imagine themselves super heroes, and all gaze in longing at their reflections as did Narcissus. Think how often you’ve heard the nauseous claim “we’re keeping you safe”, (one barfs in revulsion). This obsession with power has led to unjustified shutdowns, excessive restrictions, and irrational mandates, all of which have caused profound long lasting social harm, the extent of which is only just beginning to emerge, so far we’ve only seen the tip of a very large ice floe.

Covid emergency powers enabled grand hubris to flourish, and bullies such as Premier Andrews of Victoria to arise. He allowed the Antifa (fascist despite its name) led ‘black lives’ protest to occur during a Victorian covid shutdown and police stood by docilely and did nothing. Yet months later when freedom protesters took to the streets, in opposition to shutdowns and other impositions, the police response could not have been more different.

In the State of Victoria during 2021 police treated freedom protesters with appalling violence and brutality. They arrested a pregnant woman for a social media post, crash tackled a man backwards to the ground at a train station for — wait for it — the awful crime of not wearing a mask, and smashed an elderly woman to the ground. See Robo-police charging at and shooting peaceful freedom protesters with rubber bullets, watch film of; Police brutality, in Australia!

Yet they didn’t do any of this to aggressive abusive BLM agitators, even though the Antifa BLM protest was held in defiance of covid restrictions. Even NSW police acted unjustly, fining a couple for sitting on a seat out in the open air, and police on horseback charging at unarmed protesters. All this in Australia!

Who told the police to do nothing about hostile ‘black lives’ marchers? Who later riled police up so monstrously that they acted in hatred against peaceful freedom protesters? The Commissioner of Victorian Police, the Police minister, and Premier Andrews (and other Premiers) must all be held to account for their actions. They ought to be charged with crimes against the people. Freedoms to Insist upon Today

Although many native born Australians are apathetic about the erosion of fundamental liberties in Australia, many recent immigrants to the country are not under a similar haze of complacency. For many, oppression by government, and police brutality is the kind of tyranny they fled their homelands because of. They came to Australia for freedom, and many are now extremely alarmed to see it becoming what they fled.

What must be understood is that career politicians in government are not in any way shape or form interested in serving we the people as they’re appointed to do, and they’re most certainly not interested ensuring our liberty. Instead they would love to see an expansion of the dangerous extra powers the great covid hysteria gifted them with.

The Community Support and Services Committee, (the advisory board to the Queensland Government) are charged with making recommendations whether to extend covid oppression, oops, ‘emergency powers’.

They need to hear that you do not support the extension of the ‘state of emergency’ or the Public Health and other Legislation (Extension of Expiring Provisions) Amendment Bill of 2022.

Be forthright, but polite and respectful, demand an end to ‘emergency powers’ and ‘covid mandates’. Give your support to preserving the liberty God has granted us in this great southern land.

Postal address; Queensland Parliament House, 2A George Street, Brisbane Qld 4000, and / or Email address; CSSC@parliament.qld.gov.au


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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Eureka Stockade 1854



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